Budgie is made up of friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances soon to be friends. We are a group of like minded individuals that all share an enthusiasm for underground electronic music.

Put simply, in its current form, Budgie Collective is an online radio station where each month, thousands of listeners like you connect via our distribution servers.

This collective was founded as a self funded volunteer based grass roots project. With little to no previous experience, we have evolved to what is now a robust station infrastructure with a comprehensive auto DJ (Robot Budgie) and live streaming system.

We are in your pocket, plugged into your stereo, on your desk at work, in your lounge and bedrooms… wherever you can go, and be connected to the internet, Budgie Collective can be with you too.

Budgie is run by artists who coexist in an environment where intellectual property is easily replicated and devalued. We proudly pay music licensing fees so producers get something back for what they put in. We also ask our artists to play only legitimately obtained music. For this reason, there is a ‘buy us a drink‘ link on the site to help with infrastructure upkeep and licensing.

Tune in to the stream on one of the links provided, follow us online socially, bookmark the site, pass it on, and watch us evolve!

Mark Francis – Managing Director