Mobile Device Apps Are Here

Mobile Device Apps Are HereDid you know that you can access our stream on the go?

Budgie Collective is releasing a full range of mobile device apps across Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry World.

With features like auto start, sleep timer, social media feed and playlist history you’ll never have to be without your #lusciousbeats.


Mobile Device Apps Are Here – Where can I get mine?

See below for links to your device app store. Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users are good to go.


Microsoft-Windows-Phone-Store BB-World_Get-It_BLK-Box


Budgie Outage – Microsoft’s Huge Fail


Current services affected are live shows and dynamic web content. Our normal stream continues to operate as normal. Updates to follow.

Internet conveys malware. Why don’t we take it down?

Twitter user sums up the frustration millions of users of the service have been experiencing over the last few days.

Budgie Collective has been heavily affected by the sneaky court order Microsoft successfully applied for, and was granted, to play police on the internet early this week. products in contention concern a redirection service allowing customers to connect to remote servers and clients (PCs) that don’t have a Continue reading

Facebook Killed the Internet Star

Update: In an interesting development, the folks at Veritasium have put together an astonishing presentation about how Facebook are benefiting from fake likes, which fraudulently fulfill expectations of Facebook page owners paying for advertising. The Reddit forum comments section is currently alight with disdain for the apparent under handed dealings. One user had a similar experience to Veritasium.

“I attempted a test on this as well. I put $10 to advertise a video post linked from youtube. I figured I would have two different views on the traffic to the video. I received over 8,000 people that “saw” the post, over 250 “liked” the post, while only receiving 13 views. Clearly indicating promoted posts are just as futile as a promoted page.”

We’re dumbfounded too. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the Continue reading

Budgie Welcomes Deep Space House

DeepSpaceHouseYouTube deep house channel, Deep Space House, extend their global syndication of the hugely popular self titled mix series. Ex trance DJs Matt van Ax (Miami, USA) and Mark Space (Hanover, Germany) have put together an amazing series of all things modern and deep in the house arena. Each weekday we’ll be playing a mix from their extensive back catalog and Fridays we will feature the latest edition. Full quality, uninterrupted mixes are also available for purchase over at Beatport.

Click for more info and show times in your area.

Producer Showcase – Diplomatic Brothers

IMGL4633Diplomatic Brothers – (Polytechnic, Green Snake, Evoked)

Maltese progressive house producers Diplomatic Brothers have been kind enough to let us showcase two spectacular sets. In just a few hours we’ll be setting the proverbial house alight with Panoramic Speculations, a sublime down-tempo DJ mix, followed by a one hour compilation of their original productions. See below for Continue reading

Herc Kass – Budgie Collective Exclusive

FutureFormOver the last year or so Herc Kass has kept the proverbial decks spinning at Budgie Collective with many great mixes. Between commitments to Frisky Radio and dropping fresh label FutureForm on the prog scene this year, we have been lucky enough to secure an exclusive mix from the Melburnian. Keep an eye out for this on high rotate and hopefully we’ll continue to see more from this prog aficionado in the near future.

Continue reading

Krafty Kuts to Grace Gigalum – We’re Streaming Live!

KKOctobernamesIn London this weekend? Head along to Gigalum for an afternoon/evening session of beats at the hand of one of dance music’s greats… Krafty Kuts. Budgie’s own Square Eyes will be in support along with a host of other top acts. As always at Gigalum, entry is just a pair of ears and a big smile. What’s not to like?

Out of towners we will also be in for a treat as Budgie Collective will be streaming the whole party.


Out of Hand – Coming to a Market or Festival Near You

flyer***Update: Out of Hand will be consolidated to a single day, Monday 26th and will now be held at the Supper Club. For more information, please see the Facebook event page below***
You know that feeling you get when you find an organisation that you can really get behind? An unsullied startup that seems to have the perfect mix of innovation, community spirit, love for fun, and timing so perfect John and Jane public are just going to lap it up and ask for more.

From a distance we have been watching Out of Hand (OoH) take shape and pop up at markets around the inner Boroughs of London. We first caught up with Steve and Aidan in their element hosting SOS’ Demi and Seb Rumore on the decks fronting the corner kiosk at Hoxton market one sunny Sunday afternoon in June. It was their second official event and representatives from The Richard House were on site to help raise awareness and collect for their charity. Only insiders (and those smart enough to ask) knew the source of the delicious, and coveted Continue reading

Flying Circus and Friends Set to Rock Sankeys Ibiza

FlyingCircus620x280After six years touring the globe staging raucous dance parties in far-flung geographic locations, from sustainable jungle communities to intimate cliff side rendezvous, Audiofly’s Flying Circus touches down at Sankeys Ibiza for 13 provocative parties throughout summer.

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