Introducing Mix Crate – Track Browser (beta)


How often have You been listening to a mix and thought – What is this track?

Welcome to the wonderful new world, full of interactive content made possible by modern technology and internet radio. We present to you, Mix Crate – Track Browser, the spoils of many late nights here at Budgie HQ.

Why do I care?

The dance world is made up of extended DJ mixes, which are a rich tapestry of content artistically constructed almost entirely from other peoples work. Track Browser is a pre-release deployment of a greater ‘Mix Crate’ project designed to allow you to interact with this station in ways never possible with conventional radio. It enables you to find out more about the music we play. Specifically, allowing us to offer you an unrestricted view into the very heart of the music that makes up our syndicated content.

Simply click on the currently playing mix to see a full tracklist, including artwork and links to Juno Download where you can usually even buy the tracks for yourself.

Why not give it a try? To show you an example, here is a recent mix by one of our finest, Rips, hailing from New Zealand and based out of Melbourne, Australia.

We are in the process of analysing our entire catalog, so soon you’ll be able to drill into each and every mix. But for now feel free to browse through some of our very best and latest content. You can find each of these listed at the bottom of the page in the link above.


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