Want to listen to Budgie Collective? Try one of the following…

  • Listen via our mobile device app
  • Click the ‘Listen Live’ or ‘Now Playing’ links above to open our stream in the default player on your web connected device
  • Click one of the links at the top of the side bar
  • We are listed in iTunes under Radio > Electronica > Budgie Collective. For easy access later, try dragging the station into a new playlist
  • For selected sets on demand, try our Mixcloud group here

Budgie Collective can also be accessed live from the below third party locations

For on the go listening with your web connected mobile device, the following apps are available from the Google Play and iOS App Stores.

TuneIn and StreamItAll are station directory apps, where you can find us listed. XIIALive and FStream are players that can handle .pls files generated by the listen links on this site. At the time of writing this, all have free versions, so give them a try to see what suits you.

Note that listening when not connected to WiFi will use your mobile data allowance. Budgie Collective streams at 128 Kilobits per Second or around 55 Megabytes per hour.