Budgie Outage – Microsoft’s Huge Fail


Current services affected are live shows and dynamic web content. Our normal stream continues to operate as normal. Updates to follow.

Internet conveys malware. Why don’t we take it down?

Twitter user sums up the frustration millions of users of the service No-Ip.com have been experiencing over the last few days.

Budgie Collective has been heavily affected by the sneaky court order Microsoft successfully applied for, and was granted, to play police on the internet early this week.

No-Ip.com products in contention concern a redirection service allowing customers to connect to remote servers and clients (PCs) that don’t have a fixed internet address. Put simply, No-Ip allows devices in an organisation’s network to be contacted through a static address. This often means home computers, and can be used for anything such as connecting multi-player online games, IP cameras, home security, home servers and internet services such as email, or home office VPNs (Private Networks) and remote desktop applications.

As we are a collective of DJs and contributors, much of our content is supplied by, connected to/from home servers and machines without crucial fixed addresses. We rely exclusively on the services provided by No-Ip.com and as a result we have been heavily affected.

Dynamic content on our website has been down for two days and live DJs are currently unable to connect to our servers from their studios in order to host their live shows.

This morning Microsoft admitted being heavy handed and unscrupulous with the web addresses that it secretly strong-armed off No-IP, and have admitted causing disruption to what No-IP claims to be around four million legitimate users.

This morning they claimed to have made changes to the infrastructure at their end controlling the seized web addresses, allowing legitimate users to resume services. But many customers (including us) are reporting continued, total lack of availability, for the services and addresses concerned.

At the advice of No-Ip we spent all night migrating the hundreds of links in our organisation from the links that Microsoft hijacked to one of the few remaining addresses that were still operational. We were dismayed to find that the newly configured links today had also been black-listed. Experts at Uncharted Backwaters are speculating that this is due to Microsofts inability to administer such a large volume of addresses, and that they have catastrophically misconfigured internal traffic routes, even after admitting their initial mistakes.

More info on the link below. We hope to be back online and fully operational as soon as possible. Feel free to let Microsoft know what you think #FreeNo-IP

Much love.

No-Ips formal statement

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