Out of Hand – Coming to a Market or Festival Near You

flyer***Update: Out of Hand will be consolidated to a single day, Monday 26th and will now be held at the Supper Club. For more information, please see the Facebook event page below***
You know that feeling you get when you find an organisation that you can really get behind? An unsullied startup that seems to have the perfect mix of innovation, community spirit, love for fun, and timing so perfect John and Jane public are just going to lap it up and ask for more.

From a distance we have been watching Out of Hand (OoH) take shape and pop up at markets around the inner Boroughs of London. We first caught up with Steve and Aidan in their element hosting SOS’ Demi and Seb Rumore on the decks fronting the corner kiosk at Hoxton market one sunny Sunday afternoon in June. It was their second official event and representatives from The Richard House were on site to help raise awareness and collect for their charity. Only insiders (and those smart enough to ask) knew the source of the delicious, and coveted buffalo wings recipe was Steve himself. A recipe so good it had recently been purchased by a local Bistro.

It’s onwards and upwards for OoH, and in a big way this bank holiday weekend. This year’s Notting Hill Carnival is going to be a big one. That’s if the guy on the other end of the megaphone commanding an army of Zumba-essque square dancers spotted practicing at Clapham Common last weekend is to believed. On the game day(s) OoH are right up in the mix bringing you a trifecta of guilty pleasures via a sideshow at London’s Westbank Gallery. More great music, food, and art to compliment one of London’s most vibrant festivals.

The boys have compiled an all star lineup including SASHA, BETOKO, Omid 16B, Climbers, Maxology, P A U L I E, Seb Rumore and Normski. A poorly kept rumour indicates that Nick Warren will also be showing face.

OoH is as about the community as it is the good times. And while this sideshow provides an amazing haven and vantage point for the carnival, a key part of the OoH ethos is to give back to the local community, not only financially, but also though raising awareness and profiles of community groups and eateries. This time round Children and Parents Carnival Association (CPCA) will be on site, and the good people at Taqueria will take care of the eats. If the sample canape pics taste as good as they look then we are in for a treat.

OoH is poised to spice up the London festival and Market circuit throughout the rest of the 2013 summer and beyond. See their facebook page for more info.

Lastly, make sure you tune in to Budgie tomorrow (7pm Thursday night BST) for a selection showcase of artists performing at OoH.

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