Facebook Killed the Internet Star

Update: In an interesting development, the folks at Veritasium have put together an astonishing presentation about how Facebook are benefiting from fake likes, which fraudulently fulfill expectations of Facebook page owners paying for advertising. The Reddit forum comments section is currently alight with disdain for the apparent under handed dealings. One user had a similar experience to Veritasium.

“I attempted a test on this as well. I put $10 to advertise a video post linked from youtube. I figured I would have two different views on the traffic to the video. I received over 8,000 people that “saw” the post, over 250 “liked” the post, while only receiving 13 views. Clearly indicating promoted posts are just as futile as a promoted page.”

We’re dumbfounded too. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the Continue reading