Flying Circus and Friends Set to Rock Sankeys Ibiza

FlyingCircus620x280After six years touring the globe staging raucous dance parties in far-flung geographic locations, from sustainable jungle communities to intimate cliff side rendezvous, Audiofly’s Flying Circus touches down at Sankeys Ibiza for 13 provocative parties throughout summer.

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Budgie Collective Partners With Flying Circus

FC-ibiza11123334lastBudgie Collective HQ has been slammed recently. New DJs, upgrades to our servers, ground breaking web features (like our Track Browser, and Mix Crate) have had us questioning our sanity and consuming resources like a web radio version of an Aral Sea irrigation project. We have had some amazing wins, but now it’s time to let our hair down.

Coincidentally, the International Music Summit in Ibiza is drawing to a close this weekend, and as it does, the Spanish Island population heads towards critical mass, tripling in size, officially marking the season’s commencement. The third largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands comes to life over the European summer, with its population bursting from less than 100,000 to well over 300,000 as people look to leave the Continue reading