Out of Hand – Coming to a Market or Festival Near You

flyer***Update: Out of Hand will be consolidated to a single day, Monday 26th and will now be held at the Supper Club. For more information, please see the Facebook event page below***
You know that feeling you get when you find an organisation that you can really get behind? An unsullied startup that seems to have the perfect mix of innovation, community spirit, love for fun, and timing so perfect John and Jane public are just going to lap it up and ask for more.

From a distance we have been watching Out of Hand (OoH) take shape and pop up at markets around the inner Boroughs of London. We first caught up with Steve and Aidan in their element hosting SOS’ Demi and Seb Rumore on the decks fronting the corner kiosk at Hoxton market one sunny Sunday afternoon in June. It was their second official event and representatives from The Richard House were on site to help raise awareness and collect for their charity. Only insiders (and those smart enough to ask) knew the source of the delicious, and coveted Continue reading